Capstone Design Teams Archive

Spring 2022 Capstone Design Teams

Four capstone design teams are currently working on biodevice-related projects this semester, sponsored by the Center for Biodevices Innovation Grants.

Computational Validation of Functionally Graded 3D Printed Rib Fracture Fixation Implants

  • Sponsor: Dr. Guha Manogharan, Emmert H Bashore Faculty Development Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Students:
    Nandini Patel - Biomedical Engineering
    Addison Rossi - Biomedical Engineering
    Elena Lagunilla - Biomedical Engineering
    Mason Procz - Biomedical Engineering
    Trevor Klemann - Biomedical Engineering
    Gavin Kelly – Mechanical Engineering
    Wesley Matsuka-Williams – Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Designing and Prototyping of a hand-held extrusion bioprinter for in situ translational tissue regeneration

  • Sponsor: Amir Sheikhi, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • Students:
    Tina Maranas – Materials Engineering
    Hamed Jabri – Mechanical Engineering
    Oscar Dong - Biomedical Engineering
    Andrew Smyth – Mechanical Engineering
    Will Roberson – Materials Engineering
    Jordan Thenga – Electrical Engineering
    Johnny Christian - Biomedical Engineering

Stretchable rectennas to harvest ambient RF energies for wound healing stickers

  • Sponsor: Larry Cheng, Assistant Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics
  • Students:
    Jeremy Cherian – Computer Engineering
    Joseph Espinosa – Computer Engineering
    Dylan Knowles – Computer Engineering
    Thomas Nguyen – Mechanical Engineering
    Matthew Quigley – Electrical Engineering

Laparoscopic Trainer with Haptic Feedback

  • Sponsor: Scarlett Miller, Associate Professor of Engineering Design, and Industrial Engineering
  • Students:
    Olivia Carsia – Biomedical Engineering
    Kara Miller – Biomedical Engineering
    Kefan Wu – Electrical Engineering
    Aaron Wyatt – Electrical Engineering

Spring 2021 Capstone Design Teams

Six capstone design teams completed biodevice-related projects in capstone design courses in the spring 2021 semester.

Fall 2020 Capstone Design Teams

Two capstone teams completed biodevice-related projects in capstone design courses in the fall 2020 semester.

  • Design of test fixtures for protective devices used in endoscopic skull surgery, Penn State Center for Biodevices (watch the video)
  • Improving estimates of PPE stocks, Penn State Manufacturing and Sterilization for COVID-19 (MASC)

Fall 2019 Capstone Design Teams

Five undergraduate student teams completed biodevice projects in Dr. Mary Frecker’s engineering capstone design course in the 2019 fall semester.

  • Heart Rate Monitor, Penn State Wrestling Team
  • Walking Speed Sensor, Penn State Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Lead Apron Support, Medtronic plc
  • Bioaerosol Sampler, Penn State Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
  • Noncontact Sensor, Penn State Department of Biomedical Engineering

Learning Factory Design Showcase: Best Project Award Winners: Heart Rate Monitor team and Walking Speed Sensor team

students at capstone design showcase

students at capstone design showcase

Faculty who are interested in working with a team of students on a capstone design project can learn more about it on the Learning Factory’s website.



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