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Wearable Devices

The wearable devices research thrust is focused on fundamental research, design, and fabrication of various wearable devices for biomedicine, to impact human health from preventative monitoring and early diagnostic confirmation to non-invasive and convenient therapeutic options.


Larry Cheng, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics 
Research: Wearable devices, transient sensors, standalone stretchable device platforms 

Michael A. Bruno, M.D.
Professor of Radiology & Medicine
Research: Inobtrusive functional brain imaging in the pre-frontal cortex in working radiologists

Orfeu Buxton, Ph.D.
Professor of Biobehavioral Health 
Research: Wearable sensors, ambulatory measurement of health behaviors, sleep 

Felecia Davis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Architecture and Carey Memorial Early Career Professor in the Arts
Research: Textile-based wearables, computational textiles 
Research lab website

Christopher Engeland, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Nursing
Research: Stress, inflammation, cognitive aging, and dementia   

Chris Giebink, Ph.D.
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Enrique Gomez, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering
Research: Energy and environment, polymers, electron microscopy of soft materials 

Jonathan Hakun, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Research: Neuroscience of aging, passive sensing technology 

Vasant G Honavar, Ph.D.
Huck Chair in Biomedical Data Science and Artificial Engineering

Raj Kothapalli, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering 
Research: Acoustics and vibration 

Xin Ning, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering 
Research: Multifunctional and nano-materials; Structural Dynamics and Adaptive Structures 

Shashank Priya, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Rayne Sperling, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Undergraduate & Graduate Studies, Professor of Education 
Research: Educational psychology 

Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Ph.D.
Evan Pugh Professor and Steward S. Flashchen Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering 
Research: Dielectric and piezoelectric applications, electroceramic films 

Vijay Varadan, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Qing Wang, Ph.D.
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Research: Polymers, composites, flexible electronics 

Yong Wang, Ph.D.
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Research: Biomaterials, drug delivery, tissue regeneration 

Jian Yang, Ph.D.
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Dorothy Foehr Huck and J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Regenerative Engineering
Research: Cell signaling and cancer, nanomedicine and drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 

Cunjiang Yu, Ph.D.
Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Nanyin Zhang, Ph.D.
Dorothy Foehr Huck and J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Brain Imaging, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Sanjib Adhikary, M.D.
Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine and Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Research: Medical device related to pain management, regional anesthesia, and education 

Joshua Smyth, Ph.D. 
Distinguished Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Medicine 
Research: Ambulatory assessment; stress; health 

<p">Rebecca Bascom, M.D.
Professor of Medicine

Neyha Cherin, D.O.
Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Elaine Eyster, M.D.
Distinguished Professor of Medicine

Elizabeth Federici, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Patricia “Sue” Grigson, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair of Neural and Behavioral Sciences

Xuemei Huang, M.D.
Associate Dean for Physician-Scientist Development

Joe Littlejohn, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dino Ravnic, D.O.
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Yanxi Liu, Ph.D. 
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering  
Research: Motion, vision, robotics  
Research lab website

Anne Martin, Ph.D. 
Martin W. Trethewey Early Career Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
Research: Human gait, exoskeletons, modeling 
Research lab website

Wen-Jan Tuan, DHA
Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine 
Research: Wearable devices, electronic health records, embedded AI 

Roopa Siddaiah, M.D. 
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics  
Research: Lung disease, preterm infants, pulmonary hypertension 

Ronald P. Miller, M.D. 
Associate Professor of Medicine  
Research: Renal replacement therapy; dialysis 

Sample Projects

Personalized sleep parameters estimation from actigraphy: A machine learning approach
Orfeu Buxton and Vasant Honavar

Novel gas sensing platform based on a stretchable laser-induced graphene pattern with self-heating capabilities
Larry Cheng

On this page:

Illustration of the laser fabricated device on the skin upon deformation with various sensing modules and a stretchable wideband antenna/rectenna for wireless communication and ambient radio frequency energy harvesting. Reprinted from a manuscript under review.

Schematic and demonstration of directly fabricating transient and long-lasting devices on planar and freeform substrates. Reprinted from a manuscript under review.

The design concept of the soft body area sensor network: The paper-/fabric-based flexible printed circuit board on clothing can integrate wireless data and power transmission modules (e.g., Bluetooth or near-field communication module), along with commercial off-the-shelf chips for extended collecting and processing data (green box). The red box illustrates the simple process of preparing the directly printed on-body sensors sintered at room temperature. Reprinted from a manuscript under review.



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