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Leighton Riess Graduate Fellowship in Engineering

The Leighton Riess Graduate Fellowship in Engineering program supports outstanding graduate students who have been admitted to Penn State as candidates for a graduate degree in the College of Engineering and who are conducting research in biological or biomedical-related areas of inquiry. The Riess Fellowship program is coordinated by the Center for Biodevices. The request for nominations for AY 22-23 Fellows is available here.

2022-2023 Leighton Riess Graduate Fellows in Engineering

Grace Wood

Grace Wood

Graduate Program in Acoustics
Adviser: Julianna C. Simon
Research: Developing Focused Ultrasound to Treat Tendinopathies

Conner Huxman headshot

Connor Huxman

Mechanical Engineering
Adviser: Jared Butler
Research: Design of Mechanically Compliant (Flexible) Orthopedic Implants to Facilitate Faster and Stronger Bone Healing

Wenjing Song headshot

Wenjing Song

Engineering Science Mechanics
Adviser: Cunjiang Yu
Research: Soft bio-integrated electronic and sensing system

2021-2022 Leighton Riess Graduate Fellows in Engineering

Chriss Siew Mei Chin headshot

Chriss Siew Mei Chin

Biomedical Engineering
Adviser: Pak Wong
Research: A Single Cell Biosensing Device for Rapid Dysbiosis Monitoring in Critically Ill Patients

Vinay Chandrasekhar Kammarchedu headshot

Vinay Chandrasekhar Kammarchedu

Electrical Engineering
Adviser: Seyedehaida (Aida) Ebrahimi
Research: Developing and testing multiplex wearable electronic and electrochemical devices and systems for monitoring biochemical and physiological health markers

Ritam Pal headshot

Ritam Pal

Mechanical Engineering
Adviser: Amrita Basak
Research: 4D Biomechanical Performance Evaluation of Patient-Specific Metallic Implants

Ferdousi Rawnaque headshot

Ferdousi Rawnaque

Adviser: Julianna Simon
Research: Investigating the distribution of bubble nuclei in biological tissues to improve ultrasound diagnosis and monitoring of decompression sickness

Spring 2021 Leighton Riess Graduate Fellows in Engineering

Sumit Agrawal headshot

Sumit Agrawal

Biomedical Engineering
Adviser: Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli
Research: Development of smart multimodal ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging systems integrated with artificial intelligence for diagnosing cancer and neurodisorders

Evan Heatherington headshot

Evan Heatherington

Mechanical Engineering
Adviser: Mary Frecker
Research: Designing and testing devices to protect surgeons and other hospital personnel from aerosols generated during endoscopic skull surgery

Bowen Li headshot

Bowen Li

Engineering Science and Mechanics
Adviser: Huanyu “Larry” Cheng
Research: Analyzing data from wearable and flexible sensors for human health monitoring, disease diagnosis and evaluation with machine learning and deep learning

Ferdousi Rawnaque headshot

Ferdousi Rawnaque

Adviser: Julianna Simon
Research: Investigating the distribution of bubble nuclei in biological tissues to improve ultrasound diagnosis and monitoring of decompression sickness

yichun tang headshot

Yichun Tang

Mechanical Engineering
Adviser: Jing Du
Research: Building and validating clinical image-based numerical models for the patient-specific prediction of the micromechanical environment around implants

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Spring 2022 Capstone Design Teams

Four capstone design teams are currently working on biodevice-related projects this semester, sponsored by the Center for Biodevices Innovation Grants.

Computational Validation of Functionally Graded 3D Printed Rib Fracture Fixation Implants

  • Sponsor: Dr. Guha Manogharan, Emmert H Bashore Faculty Development Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Students:
    Nandini Patel - Biomedical Engineering
    Addison Rossi - Biomedical Engineering
    Elena Lagunilla - Biomedical Engineering
    Mason Procz - Biomedical Engineering
    Trevor Klemann - Biomedical Engineering
    Gavin Kelly – Mechanical Engineering
    Wesley Matsuka-Williams – Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Designing and Prototyping of a hand-held extrusion bioprinter for in situ translational tissue regeneration

  • Sponsor: Amir Sheikhi, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • Students:
    Tina Maranas – Materials Engineering
    Hamed Jabri – Mechanical Engineering
    Oscar Dong - Biomedical Engineering
    Andrew Smyth – Mechanical Engineering
    Will Roberson – Materials Engineering
    Jordan Thenga – Electrical Engineering
    Johnny Christian - Biomedical Engineering

Stretchable rectennas to harvest ambient RF energies for wound healing stickers

  • Sponsor: Larry Cheng, Assistant Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics
  • Students:
    Jeremy Cherian – Computer Engineering
    Joseph Espinosa – Computer Engineering
    Dylan Knowles – Computer Engineering
    Thomas Nguyen – Mechanical Engineering
    Matthew Quigley – Electrical Engineering

Laparoscopic Trainer with Haptic Feedback

  • Sponsor: Scarlett Miller, Associate Professor of Engineering Design, and Industrial Engineering
  • Students:
    Olivia Carsia – Biomedical Engineering
    Kara Miller – Biomedical Engineering
    Kefan Wu – Electrical Engineering
    Aaron Wyatt – Electrical Engineering


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