2021 CfB Outcomes Day Agenda

The 2021 CFB Outcomes Day will be held on September 23, 2021.

Session 1
Keynote Presentation

Time Topic Speaker Photo
9:00-9:05 Welcome Mary Frecker
Director, Center for Biodevices
headshot of a woman
9:05-9:10 Keynote Introduction Erika Swift
Operations Director, Center for Medical Innovation
headshot of a woman
9:10-9:40 Industry Keynote Bruce Shook
Vesper Medical
headshot of a man
9:40-10:00 Q&A/Discussion Erika Swift (moderator)

Session 2
Research Presentations: Woodward Grantees

Time Topic Speaker Photo
10:00-10:05 Introduction of Woodward Grantees Sarah Bronson
Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Research, College of Medicine
headshot of a woman
10:05-10:25 2020 Woodward Grantees
(10 minutes per team)
Development and Validation of a Multimodal Endoscopy System for Early Diagnosis of Image-guided Surgery of Pancreatic Cancer
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headshot of a woman
Biomechanics Study Toward Patient-specific Implants for Osteoarthritic Shoulders
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10:25-10:35 2021 Woodward Grantees
(5 minutes per team)
New Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure for Facet Joint Pain
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headshot of a man
Gastric Vagal Stimulation to Reduce Adverse Behavioral Outcomes of Gastric Bypass
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10:35-10:50 Q&A/Discussion Sarah Bronson (moderator)
10:50-11:00 Break

Session 3
Research Presentations: CfB Seed Grant Awardees

Time Topic Speaker Photo
11:00-11:05 Introduction of CfB Seed Grant Awardees Mary Frecker frecker
11:05-11:25 2020 CfB Seed Grant Awardees
(10 minutes per team)
Rapid Measurement of Concussion-related Saliva microRNAs with a Novel Biodevice


Biodegradable Artificial Urinary Sphincter



11:25-11:35 2021 CfB Seed Grant Awardees
(5 minutes per team)
Novel Single Incision, Free Motion Laparoscopic Surgical System
headsot of a man

headshot of a man
High-throughput Bioprinting of Islets for Fabrication of Pancreatic Devices for Type 1 Diabetes
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11:35-11:50 Q&A/Discussion Mary Frecker (moderator)
11:50-12:30 Lunch/Networking

Session 4
Capstone Design Projects

Time Topic Speaker Photo
12:30-12:35 Working with a Capstone Design Team through the Learning Factory Matt Parkinson
Learning Factory Director
headshot of a man
12:35-12:40 CfB Innovation Grants Jason Moore
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
headshot of a man
12:40-12:50 Q&A/Discussion Jason Moore (moderator)

Session 5
Research Presentations: Riess Ph.D. Fellows

Time Topic Speaker Photo
12:50-12:55 Introduction of Riess Graduate Fellows Mary Frecker headshot of a woman
12:55-1:20 2021 Riess Graduate Fellows
(5 minutes per speaker)
Sumit Agarwal (Kothapalli Group)
Development of smart multimodal ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging systems integrated with artificial intelligence for diagnosing cancer and neurodisorders
headshot of a man
Evan Heatherington (Frecker Group)
Designing and testing devices to protect surgeons and other hospital personnel from aerosols generated during endoscopic skull surgery
headshot of a man
Bowen Li (Cheng Group)
Analyzing data from wearable and flexible sensors for human health monitoring, disease diagnosis and evaluation with machine learning and deep learning
headshot of a man
Ferdousi Rawnaque (Simon Group)
Investigating the distribution of bubble nuclei in biological tissues to improve ultrasound diagnosis and monitoring of decompression sickness
headshot of a woman
Yichun Tang (Du Group)
Building and validating clinical image-based numerical models for the patient-specific prediction of the micromechanical environment around implants
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1:20-1:30 Q&A/Discussion Mary Frecker (moderator)

Session 6
Panel: Creating Successful Multidisciplinary Collaborations Across Campuses

Time Topic Speaker Photo
1:30-1:35 Panel Introduction Greg Lewis
Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
headshot of a man
1:35-2:05 Panelist Presentations Rebecca Bascom
Professor of Pulmonary Medicine
headshot of a woman
David Han
Professor of Surgery, Radiology, and Engineering Design
headshot of a man
Scarlett Miller
Associate Professor of Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
headshot of a woman
Gerson Rosenberg
Professor of Surgery and Bioengineering
headshot of a man
Meghan Vidt
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
headshot of a man
2:05-2:25 Q&A/Discussion Greg Lewis (moderator)

Session 7

Time Topic Speaker Photo
2:25-2:30 Applied Research Laboratory Biodefense Initiative Amanda Clase
Associate Research Professor, Applied Research Lab
headshot of a woman
2:30-2:35 CfB Seminar Series Aida Ebrahimi
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
headshot of a woman
Wrap-up Mary Frecker headshot of a woman
2:35-3:00 Networking


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