2022 CfB Outcomes Day Agenda

The 2022 CFB Outcomes Day will be held on September 22, 2022.

Session 1
Keynote Presentation

Time Topic Speaker Photo
9:00-9:10 Welcome and Keynote Introduction Mary Frecker
Director, Center for Biodevices
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9:10-9:40 Keynote: Innovation at Intuitive Surgical and Optimizing Visualization for Robotic Assisted Surgery Jonathan Halderman, Intuitive Surgical Halderman.jpg
9:40-10:00 Q&A/Discussion Mary Frecker (moderator)

Session 2
Research Presentations: Woodward Grantees

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10:00-10:05 Introduction of Woodward Grantees Erika Swift,
Operations Director, Center for Medical Innovation
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10:05-10:25 2021 Woodward Grantees
(10 minutes per team)

New Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure for Facet Joint Pain

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Kiani/Hajnal: Gastric Vagal Stimulation to Reduce Adverse Behavioral Outcomes of Gastric Bypass headshot of a woman

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10:25-10:35 Q&A/Discussion Erika Swift (moderator)
10:35-10:45 10-minute Break

Session 3
Research Presentations: CfB Seed Grant Awardees

Time Topic Speaker Photo
10:45-10:50 Introduction of CfB Seed Grant Awardees Mary Frecker frecker
10:50-11:10 2021 CfB Seed Grant Awardees
(10 minutes per team)
Novel Single Incision, Free Motion Laparoscopic Surgical System

High-throughput Bioprinting of Islets for Fabrication of Pancreatic Devices for Type 1 Diabetes

11:10-11:30 2022 CfB Seed Grant Awardees
(5 minutes per team)
Nanoparticle-miRNA based Photodynamic Therapy and Metabolic Imaging for Glioblastoma

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Label-free and Rapid Bacterial ID and AST with Intelligent Dynamic Holographic Laser Speckle Imaging



Low-cost, flexible, physical-plasma devices for treatment of inflammatory



Supplemental oxygen to improve kidney stone detection with ultrasound



11:30-11:40 Q&A/Discussion Mary Frecker (moderator)

Session 4
Funding Opportunities

Time Topic Speaker Photo
11:40-12:00 Funding Opportunities Mary Frecker (Woodward and CfB seed grants), Erika Swift (CMI Proof of Concept, Innovation Accelerator, Innovation Fellows), Greg Lewis, Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation (Federal opportunities)

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12:00-12:40 Networking Lunch

Session 5
Team Building

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12:40-1:40 Brainstorming/Team Building activity Stefanie Blanco, Center for Biodevices Managing Director

Session 6
Research Presentations: Riess PhD Fellows and Innovation Fellows

Time Topic Speaker Photo
1:40-1:45 Introduction of Riess Graduate Fellows Mary Frecker headshot of a woman
1:45-2:00 2022 Riess Graduate Fellows (5 minutes per speaker)

Grace Wood (Simon group): Developing Focused Ultrasound to Treat Tendinopathies

Connor Huxman (Buter group): Design of Mechanically Compliant (Flexible) Orthopedic Implants to Facilitate Faster and Stronger Bone Healing

Wenjing Song (Yu group): Soft bio-integrated electronic and sensing system




2:00-2:15 Q&A/Discussion

Erika Swift (moderator)

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2:15-2:30 Fifteen minute break


Session 7
Engagement Opportunities

Time Topic Speaker Photo
2:30-2:35 Working with a capstone design team through the Learning Factory Matt Parkinson, Learning Factory Director headshot of a woman
2:35-2:40 CfB Innovation Grants

Jason Moore, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

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2:40-2:45 Working with students through NIH R25 projects

Greg Lewis

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2:45-2:50 Industry Workshops

 Greg Lewis

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2:50-2:55 Medical Device Innovation Group Nam Tran, Medical student Headshot of a man
2:55-3:00 CTSI and CoM programs Erika Swift headshot of a woman
3:00-3:05 CfB seminar series Aida Ebrahimi, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering headshot of a woman
3:05-3:15 Q&A/discussion Jason Moore (moderator) Jason Moore
3:10-3:30 Wrap-up
Faculty Xchange 2023 preview

Mary Frecker


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Session 8



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